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Keeping costs down

At Crusader Packaging we know the importance of keeping your packaging costs to a minimum while also being mindful during the design process of the importance of pack performance.

There are several ways this can be achieved:


Board is approximately 70% of the cost of the carton. Changing from a white to a brown material will offer a cost saving while also providing an eco-friendly look.


With our design expertise, we can consider alternative styles of packs which can save packaging cost. A new design may use less material than your current pack and/or quicken the packing process.


This can have a considerable impact on cost, particularly on smaller quantities. For example, moving from 1,500 cartons to 1,600 may take you into the next price break. All printed cartons will have a machine set up time, so increasing your quantity on these cartons will naturally give you a saving as the cost is spread over more cartons.


The quality of printing has improved dramatically over the years. Advances in image production, plate making and ink formulation have resulted in some amazing results, particularly in Flexographic. It may be a good time to re-evaluate your current printed packs.

We are seeing customers switch from lithographic to flexographic due to new technology, this is resulting in big savings and more flexibility on order quantities and improved lead times.

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