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Multi-use bike pack.

One of our long-established customers turned to Crusader Packaging to help in the design of a singular pack that would enable them to send varying shapes and sizes of bikes around the world without the need to add any additional packaging materials for protection or void fill.


The increase in the popularity of cycling coupled with improved technology resulted in our customer needing to ship a greater variety of bike sizes and weights. Their current packs could not handle this without packing staff using additional packaging materials to accommodate these issues.

The packaging review identified

Multi-use bike pack

The packaging solution

Meeting with the customer we spent time in the packing department to obtain first-hand experience of how the bikes were being packed and to understand the varying bike sizes, shapes and materials.

It quickly became clear that we needed to come up with a universal pack that would be able to cater for all needs. The challenge was to design internal fitments that could be adjusted quickly and easily to cater for all needs.

Multi-use bike pack

The results

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